Designed with cutting-edge test technologies like real floating, AWG&Digitizer feature in different resource etc.,Sinetest can provide true parallel multisite test solution for mass production of high volume discrete and mixed-signal device.

Sinetest's strategy is "One platform,One software",which can help customers lower the test cost and simplify the engineering and production process.

SineTest's STT-700 series tester will demonstrate the scalability of multisite applications(up to 128 sites), with fast test time of multisites Sinetest can provide the lowest cost of test(COT) solutions in this industry.

STT-700 series tester can test the following devices:

Linear devices, LDO, analog switchers, regulator, Battery charger
PWM, DC-DC and AC-DC converter
Consumer Audio--Power Amps (class A/B/D etc.,)
Amplifiers--Quad Op Amps, Quad Comparators, Quad Buffers
Drivers--LED driver, LCD driver, Motor driver/controller
MCU, A/D,D/A - with SineTest digital pins(100Mhz data rate)
Discrete-- Mosfet / SBR / Diode/ BJT / TVS etc.,
IGBT(Voltage>4000v, Current>300A) etc.,

SineTest also make high-end sockets including QFN Kelvin socket and CSP/BGA test kit,please undersand more...