Products - ATE

One platform, one software to cover all your test request.

Analog&Mixed Signal devices:

Each VI resource has AWG&Digitizer
Each VI resource is floating
16 bit ADC/DAC in each resource
High resolution timing measurement unit.
High Voltage up to 1200V(optional 2500V)
High Current up to 100A(optional 300A)

Discrete devices:

Discrete DC test modules(1000V/100A)
UIL test module
DVSD test module
Rg/Cg test module
Qg test module

Digital devices:

Data rate 50Mhz/100Mhz
16Mhz memory depth per pin
32 timing sets - change on the fly
PMU per pin

Software features :

Support true parallel test(up to 128 sites)
Support Index parallel test
support csv. stdf. datalog format
Visual C++ program environment

STT-700/S - Simple version of STT-700, 13 slots. Have same DUT board as STT-700,same test features as STT-700 except limited multisite capability.

STT-500 - Out of production in 2010.